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This is what our Edelweiss tell you about the establishments

Members of our association are subject to strict quality controls. Seals of quality and the Alpine Gastgeber brand awarded by the Tyrolean association for owners of private accommodation, Privatvermieter Verband Tirol, serve as a guide to help you choose from the wide range of accommodation available. We distinguish between 2, 3, 4 and 5 Edelweiss establishments, which must meet each of the specified minimum criteria for quality and comfort.


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2 Edelweiss

No-frills rooms with a shower and WC or cozy, simply-furnished apartments.


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3 Edelweiss 

Comfortable rooms or apartments with a cozy, homely and intimate feel. To qualify for this distinction, tasteful materials must be used and a pleasing atmosphere created.

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3 Edelweiss Superior

To be awarded this distinction, all criteria of the 4 Edelweiss establishment must be met, but slight deviations are permitted in terms of size or quality. This rating is awarded if at most one minimum criterion for a 4 Edelweiss rating is not met (e.g. no dishwasher is provided).

zulässig (Größe, Qualität). Höchstens ein Mindestkriterium darf unerfüllt bleiben (z.B. Geschirrspüler).


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4 Edelweiß

This distinction is only awarded to first-class establishments that have extremely comfortable, tasteful and top-quality furnishings, a light, friendly and harmonious atmosphere and cater specifically to discriminate living requirements. They also feature high-quality furniture and flooring in immaculate, “as new” condition. Standard amenities include wireless internet, a dishwasher and vanity mirror.

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4 Edelweiss Superior

This distinction is awarded to exclusive, highly sophisticated establishments offering luxurious, modern, spacious rooms or apartments and amenities that surpass the 4 Edelweiss standard (can be booked online).

Hosts of 4s Edelweiss establishments are distinguished by their warm, genuine hospitality. (Hosts live on the premises and are always on hand to attend to their guests' needs).


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5 Edelweiss

This distinction is only awarded to our most exclusive private establishments with luxurious amenities and fittings, newly built or recently updated accommodation with high-quality furnishings (quality workmanship) as well as generously-sized rooms and apartments. These exclusive private establishments include cable or satellite TV in each room, private bathrooms and glass partitions in the showers. Hosts of 5 Edelweiss establishments are distinguished by their warm, genuine hospitality. (Hosts live on the premises and are always on hand to attend to their guests' needs). Credit cards are accepted.

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